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Genius students get great marks, not only in school but in all exams. The reason is that we cover CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Boards. Get solutions for many books like NCERT, Cambridge, Pearson, Balbharati and Olympiad. Gold medals and great results will bring tears of joy.

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We select only 1 in 100 Teacher applicants. We were shocked to see the amazing results of our 10 day Teacher Training and Certification. Genius Teachers are masters of Subject Matter, Teaching and Child Psychology. This is why they're the best tutors in your locality.

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The Genius Student App teaches through your interests. This is why everyone is talking about it. It not only covers your school syllabus, but also personalizes for your progress level. Learn topics in the Genius tuition. Get at-home revisions, tests, and their solution. Practice where you need it most. Be shocked to see great exam results, of which you will boast.

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World class content in 1000+ practice worksheets for Math, Science and English. We cover NCERT, Cambridge, Pearson, Balbharati and Olympiads. All books across CBSE, ICSE, IB and State boards. Feel tears of joy, when learning is something you enjoy.

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