The dream to make every child a Genius.
Started from a Teacher.

Teach 3rd-5th class children at your home.
Earn up to 80000 a month.

The true potential of our children.
Is being wasted in schools today.

Every child was meant to be a Genius. Not just another brick in the wall. A child spends 12000 hours in school. But in every class, their confusion increases. This 100 year old assembly line has only produced mediocres till now. And our children are missing out, on their God given potential.

God's gift to teachers.
Is the technology we've built.

Technology has transformed all fields, but not education. Because it has tried to remove teachers. Not work with them, make them better. When a teacher makes technology a friend, magic will happen.

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There is nothing more powerful than a teacher.
With the Genius Learning Technology.

Inspired by the principles of neuroscience. It has the power to make every child an Einstein. Each concept you explain, every question they solve, and every doubt you help them with. The Genius Learning Technology records everything, and learns from it. It is awake to everything going around. It helps you teach, the way they learn best.

The future of a nation is empty.
Without great teachers.

India has a huge lack of scientists, engineers, doctors, astronauts. Because it does not have the teachers, needed to produce them. Till 1 million more teachers show up for class, India's dream of becoming the world's greatest country will remain empty.

It's what we do together.
That sets us apart.

The art of teaching is already within you, but it is tough to master. To help you at every step, we have scientifically designed the Genius Teacher Program. It will give you all the skills you need, to become the teacher that India needs.







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Teach the way a child learns best.
And they'll love learning.

When you know what your students have understood and what they haven't, you can improve the way you explain concepts. You can make each class, something they enjoy. Through personalized practice, all their doubts will be cleared. Soon they will fall in love with homework. And a child studying on his own, is the dream come true of every parent.

When you are prepared.
The class becomes a performance.

We've used world class content, to create 1000+ lesson plans. Ready to use notes, right in your hand. Based on the difficulty of the concept, and the way your students understand best. It prepares you, with the perfect delivery for your class. Because your students deserve a performance. Not just another boring class.

You're not in it for the income.
But for the outcome.

Start by teaching 3rd to 5th class children, at your home. Within a few months, you can grow to 25 students. Genius teachers take control of their growth, in their own hands. They run many batches, teach different subjects. They passionately work, just 20 hours a week. And earn upto 80000 a month.



20 hrs

A Week


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Every night when you go to bed.
You know you've made a difference.

For 1 question you solve for a student, they will solve a 100 for the world. And if you become a teacher for life, we will get you hundreds of students to teach. They will become the data scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, astronauts that India needs. And you will become someone, that everyone is proud of.

If we act now. There is no force
in the world that can stop us.

Those who don't want India to succeed wish, it must not become a Superpower before 2030. They think it's impossible for India, to create a generation of Genius. But the reality is, the day a Teacher decides, India has already become a Superpower. So decide. Now.

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