Uncountable Nouns.

Nouns can be countable or uncountable. Uncountable nouns are things we cannot count.

water, blood, music, excitement

We cannot place a number before them. They cannot be converted to plurals.

You cannot say 'musics', or 'waters', or 'excitements'.

Usage of Uncountable Nouns.

Before uncountable nouns, you can use the/some/any/much/this/his etc.

For example: the music, some gold, his blood.

But you cannot use a/an before an uncountable noun. You cannot say 'a music', or 'an excitement', or 'a water'.

You can also use uncountable nouns alone, with no article.

For example:

1. Blood is red.

2. Captain America's shield is made of steel.

Countable as well as Uncountable.

Many nouns can be used as countable, or as uncountable nouns. Usually there is a difference in meaning.

For example:

1. I bought a paper. ( = a newspaper. countable)
I bought some paper. ( = material for writing. uncountable)

1. There's a hair in my soup. ( = a single hair. countable)
She has beautiful hair. ( = hair on the head. uncountable)

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