Animals that depend on meat from other animals for food are called carnivores.

Example: Cheetah, Lion, Tiger, Wolves.

The Jumping Crocodile.

A crocodile is one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

A crocodile crawls like a lizard, from one place to another.

And a crocodile can also swim.

But, do you know, there are crocodiles called as salt water crocodiles, that can jump as high as 3 meters?

Would you like to know about such jumping crocodiles?

Let us watch an amazing video about a crocodile who, jumped high for food.

The crocodile jumped out of the lake, and ate the bat that was hanging from the tree.

The crocodile in the video ate another animal, for food.

Such animals, like crocodile that depend on other animals for food, are called carnivores.

Crocodile. Is a Carnivore.

Crocodile also eats other animals like fish, frogs, ducks and even lions.

Let us now see some more carnivorous animals.

Some More. Carnivores.

A fox and an eagle are both carnivores.

They are trying to kill and eat each other in the image below.

Lions are also carnivores.

But they rarely do the hunting.

Most of the hunting is done by the lioness in the family.

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