Homes of Animals.

Some animals in water, some in forests and others in man made shelters.

But all the animals make a home wherever they live.

Let us learn about the homes of animals.

There was a bird whose name was Blu.

Blu lived in a forest in a city named Rio.

One morning, when Blu was sleeping, the other birds, in the forest decided to wake him up,

Let us watch a really funny video to see, how Blu's friends woke him up.

Wake up Blu!

Blu was sleeping and then he woke up, after hearing his friends singing outside.

And, then even he started dancing to their songs.

Rio was sleeping in his Nest inside the tree.

Just like you live in your home.

That nest was Blu's home and he always lived there.

Just like blu, the bird, in the video, other animals also have different homes, where they live.

Now let us know more about the homes of animals.

Dog. Lives in a Kennel.

You can see the kennel of spike, in the image.

Spike is angry on Tom, because Tom entered his Kennel.

Horses. Live in a stable.

The house of a horse is called a stable.

Now, let us read about some more homes of animals.

1. Lions live in a den.

2. Monkeys live on trees.

3. Honeybees live in a beehive.

4. Cows and buffaloes are kept in a shed.

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