Free Samples

Heating Effect of Electric Current

Understand the concept of heating effect of electric current. See real world examples where this effect is observed.

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

Understand the concept of magnetic effect of electric current. Demystify this seemingly magical effect. See it's application in the real world.

Electric Circuit

Understand the basic components of a electrical circuit using an exciting video of RC car.


Understand the concept of conduction, convection and radiation.


Learn about heat transfer by convection. See different applications in real life.


Learn about heat transfer by radiation. See different applications of radiation in real life.

Forces and Types

Learning tricks of forces from Messi! Study about the different effect force produces on objects in various scenarios.

Measurement of Force

How much can you push? Learn about the methods and units of measuring force.


Learn about the different types of motion from exciting real world applications!


Why did the largest ship sink? Find out by learning about density.