Aquatic Animals.

Animals, that live in water, are called Aquatic Animals.

The most common aquatic animal, is a fish.

There can be a lot of different kind of fish, like a Shark, Whale, and Jellyfish.

Another type of aquatic animal is an octopus.

An octopus has 4 pairs of arms and are very flexible.

They are also among the most intelligent aquatic animals.

Let us read about a few more aquatic animals.

Amazing Aquatic Animals.

1. A Seahorse

Seahorses are fish. They breathe using gills and can swim.

But Seahorses are bad swimmers.

2. A Turtle

Turtles have a hard shell that protects them like a shield.

Turtles are excellent swimmers.

3. An Eel

Eels may look like a snake but they are actually fish.

The eel uses the electric shock to catch its prey.

All the animals that live in water are called as aquatic animals.

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