Countable Nouns.

Nouns can be countable or uncountable. Countable nouns are things we can count.

ball, umbrella, girl, chair

We can place a number before them. They can be converted into plurals.

15 balls, 2 umbrellas, some girls, many chairs

Countable Nouns with 'a/an/the'

Before singular countable nouns, you can use 'a/an/the'.

For example:

1. It was a great movie.

2. Be careful of the dog.

Countable Nouns with 'some'

Plural countable nouns are often used with 'some'.

For example:

1. I've seen some good movies lately.

2. There are some apples on the tree.

Countable as well as Uncountable.

Many nouns can be used as countable, or as uncountable nouns. Usually there is a difference in meaning.

For example:

1. I bought a paper. ( = a newspaper. countable)
I bought some paper. ( = material for writing. uncountable)

1. There's a hair in my soup. ( = a single hair. countable)
She has beautiful hair. ( = hair on the head. uncountable)

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