Land Animals.

Animals, that live on land, are called Land Animals

There can be a lot of different kind of Lion, Tiger, Bear, Panda.

There are some animals, that live in the forest.

Can you tell me names of few animals that live in the forest?

The animals like lions, tigers and giraffes, live in the forest.

Such animals, that live in the forest are called as Wild Animals.

A snow leopard. Is a wild animal.

The snow leopard, that you can see in the image is also a wild animal.

So, all the animals, that live in the wild are called as wild animals.

Tigers, wolves and bears, all are wild animals.

As some animals live in the wild, there are also some animals that live near humans.

Such animals are called as domestic animals.

Man's best friend.

Animals like dogs, and cats live live in our homes with us.

These animals are also called as pet animals.

Horse. Is a domestic animal.

We also keep some animals like horse and cows in our farms.

So, all such animals, that are used for domestic purposes, are called as Domestic animals.

Let us see, some more domestic animals.

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