Free Samples

Food Chain

The intricate structure of food chain and food web. Simplified.

Structure of Seed

What's inside the Seed? Learn about seed coat, cotyledon and embryo.

Plant Kingdom

Dive into the world of plants. Learn about algae, liverworts and mosses, ferns, conifers and flowering plants.


Living without a spine! See different examples of invertebrates in nature.


Learn about the ones with the spine. See different examples of vertebrates in nature.


Variation is the key to survival. Learn about how continuous and discontinuous variation helps life survive.

Types of Whales

Whales, the largest animals, are amazing creatures. Meet the four families of whales - Beaked whale, Sperm whale, White whale and Dolphins.


Learn about where we get wool from, properties of wool and their different types like Cashmere, Angora, Mohair and Yak wool.

Wool - Fibre to Fabric

A journey from hair to wool. Learn about rearing, sorting, removing blurr, dyeing and making yarn.

Silk Worm

See how the life cycle of the silk worm helps us get the beautiful product called silk.


How do plants make their food? Get inside the plant to understand the process of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis: Factors

Learn about the three most important factors that affect photosynthesis - carbon dioxide, light and warm temperatures.

Heterotropic Plants

Plants eat Animals! Learn about heterotrophic plants, and how they obtain food.


Learn about God's Beautiful Creation, Flowers! Study the different parts of a flower and their functions.


Fruits, the baby in plant's womb. Learn about the different types of fruits, their parts and classification of fruits.


See how you see! Learn about the basics of vision in a simple and subtle manner.

Eyes and Images

Understand the concept of vision by making a journey through the eye!


Learn how we are able to hear, with an in depth look into the structure of the ears.


The Messengers of Nature. Learn about the different agents of pollination with exciting examples.

Types of Cells

Learn about the secret sauce from which all organisms are made up of, the Cell!

Structure of Cell

Learn how the most basic unit of life, the Cell, is made and how it functions. The Powerhouse of the Body

Classification of Diseases

A disease can develop due to various reasons. Find them out.

Communicable Diseases

The diseases that spread. Learn different examples of communicable diseases and the ways in which they spread.


Understand what are allergies. Learn about Asthma, Eczema and Hives.