Free Samples


Understand the concepts of water on earth, its sources and groundwater.


How do plants make their food? Get inside the plant to understand the process of photosynthesis.


Visit the depths of the Earth to see the birth of a rock! Learn about the different types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic, and how they're formed.


Understand the inner layers of the Earth.

Forces and Types

Learning tricks of forces from Messi! Study about the different effect force produces on objects in various scenarios.


Learn the concepts of light with exciting examples of opaque, transparent and translucent objects.


Understand the concepts of shadows with the Sun, Moon and Earth. Also, see how an eclipse actually occurs.

Types of Soil

Learn how to a man survived on Mars with the knowledge of soil and its types.


Learn about the formation of coal and the different types of coal - peat, lignite, bituminous and anthracite. See their uses in the real world.

Communicable Diseases

The diseases that spread. Learn different examples of communicable diseases and the ways in which they spread.

Types of Molecules

Learn how the family of molecules is formed, the siblings.

Aquatic Animals

Explore the animals life in water. Learn about Fishes, Sharks, Whales, Octopus, Sea horse and Eel.


Animals that never hunt. They eat the dead. Learn about vultures, hyena and raccoon.


Animals that eat everything. See different examples of omnivores in nature.


The wild hunt. Learn about animals that eat other animals. Like crocodile, cheetah, fox and eagle.


Animals that eat only green. See different examples of herbivores like grasshopper, elephant, giraffe

Land Animals

Explore the animal life on land. Learn about Wild animals like lions, tigers and leopards, and Domestic animals like dog, sheep and cow.

Homes of Animals

Where do animals live? Learn about the homes of different animals like dogs, birds, lions, monkeys and honeybees.

Endangered and Extinct Animals

Meet the amazing creatures who shared our planet with us. But sadly are no longer found.

Living And Non Living Things

Learn about the differences between living and non living things with exciting real world examples.

Roots of a Plant

Learn from where plants quench their thirst!